Who Are We?

SellXCar is a car buying specialist serving the entire UAE. It was launched to facilitate the convenient sale of cars and reduce the troubles of traditional offline car selling.

Since our main concern is to make car selling easier for the average person, we leave our customers with very little to do and we handle the entire process. There is no prior technical knowledge that our clients need when dealing with SellxCar as we guide them through the whole process and we require of them only to sign some papers and present us with a few documents that are already in their possession.

Our Mission

To offer our customers a fast, easy and fair way to sell their vehicles while providing a fun and promising place to work in for our employees.

Our Vision

To be the first choice for sellers and to be recognized as the first and the most well-known, reputable, and reliable car gateway in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East.

The simplicity of how we buy cars from our customers is what has gained us the business of over a thousand satisfied car sellers. Gone are the days of filtering through several car buyers over periods of months, only to arrive at an offer that you only accept due to frustration paired with the tormenting ticking of the clock.

With ScrapxCar we come to you (regardless of which Emirate you are in) and we conduct a free vehicle evaluation there for you. Our expert technicians are equipped with cutting edge tools and technology to facilitate a speedy and effective vehicle inspection. Shortly after that we present you with an offer. If you like it then we produce that money for you at that instant, and the entire process is over in only 20 minutes!

What’s more is that thanks to our business model, we are able to provide our customers with higher selling prices than our competitors. This paired with our unmatched customer service quality and our highly courteous team of experts is why we believe we are positioned to be the number one and most reliable car buying specialist in the UAE and the Middle East.

Inquiries are welcome as we try our best to educate our clientele about our vehicle evaluation system, the data points we use, and the factors we take into consideration. We offer our clients a free electronic-vehicle check-up using our devices in order to pinpoint the exact condition of the car. 

We accept any car regardless of it’s brand, model, condition, or location. Reach out to us by telephone or through our website to schedule a free car inspection.

Our Values


Customer Service

Providing an excellent customer experience that is fast, educational, and fair.



Our high ethical standards are the only cornerstones of our business.



Always ensuring that our activities are honest and impartial as to never incur a bad name for our brand.



Continuously improving communications with customers, employees, and stakeholders to harvest new ideas and encourage innovation.