Car Buying Specialist FAQ

Our professional team evaluate your car and determine the maximum value we can pay for your vehicle. This evaluation depends on many factors according to your vehicle’s condition, year of manufacture, model and mileage.

Our lucrative system puts us in a position to pay more than any other car buyers, eliminating the mediators and buying directly from you, provides you with highest possible price with more transparency.

What if I don’t like the offer I hear?

If the offer isn’t for you, then no worries, we hope to be doing business with you soon in the future. And if you need more time to think about it, then don’t sweat it, we will patiently wait until your mind is made up.

Selling a car in the UAE has never been this seamless. Give yourself the advantage of working with one of the best car buyers in the UAE.

Do I need my car registration card to sell my vehicle to SellxCar?

Yes, we require your driving license or your Emirates ID together with the registration card of the vehicle you are selling. We will take care of the rest of the paperwork on your behalf completely free of charge.

If you do not have your registration card, we can still help you. Contact us and rest assured that we will always have the best solution for you.

How can I book an urgent appointment to sell my car immediately?

Simply give us a call and provide us with all the details about the vehicle you want to sell. Once we recieve the required details about your car together with your personal ID, your contact details, your location and your preferred car inspection time, your booking is already scheduled.

Do I have to bring the car to a specific location for an inspection?

No. We will come to you, wherever you may be, regardless of the emirate you are in.

Can you reach me in any emirate?

Yes. We cover the entire United Arab Emirates with our licensed, authorized and well skilled personnel who travel up and down every territory of the UAE on their mobile service trucks.

Whether you live in the big city or a small town, we are ready to bring our services to your door.

Simply select a place, date and time, and our mobile team will be at your disposal.

Will I receive my money immediately?

We are ready to buy any car of any type, new or used.

After we determine its market value, we will pay you immediately. No delayed payments, we pay you in cash or the way you like. And all that is completed in just 20 minutes.

SellxCar’s free services

Free electronic vehicle inspection of your vehicle:

With the use of our high-tech gadgets, our technicians will quickly diagnose the condition of your car and understand which components need fixing or are nearing a replacement or repair date. Our tools will also outline which components are in great condition and will drive up the price of your vehicle. 

Not all vehicles can be inspected electronically, and that is why we also offer our secondary free service. Read more about it below.

Free manual inspection service for your vehicle:

Our experts will manually get in and under your vehicle to give it a classic and thorough examination. Some things are better evaluated without the use of technology, and our seasoned experts are just the team for that job.