What We Provide

If you are looking for a way to sell a car in the UAE – new or used – then you are in the right place. Only at SellXCar are you guaranteed to find the perfect selling solution for your car regardless of its origin, year of manufacture, model or condition. SellxCar offers you the best possible prices through the use of fast, professional, and accurate tools.

What do we do?

We specialize in buying your car directly from you in the most hassle free and quick process. We handle the whole process starting with the initial check-up and ending in the transfer of the vehicle’s ownership and legal formalities. Once you agree to the final proposed price all you have to do is sign an agreement and receive the amount in cash immediately. We handle everything thereafter. The entire process only takes 20 minutes.

Car Evaluation

We pride ourselves in accurately evaluating your car and giving you exactly what it’s worth. We don’t use any “bait and switch” strategies that have become all but too common nowadays. We come to you where you are to conduct a manual vehicle inspection at the comfort of the location of your choosing for absolutely free. Our specialists aim to facilitate a smooth and speedy evaluation process with absolutely no hassle to you. 

After the car inspection is complete, we will produce an offer for you on the spot. If you like what you hear, then the money will be made available to you in a matter of minutes and all the formalities are quickly taken care of.

Our Process

After our experts have completed the vehicle inspection at the comfort of your home. We guarantee you that the offer accompanying the inspection will be sincere and in accordance to the vehicle’s features, history, condition and current market price.

Although we do our best to make the best possible offer, we are not obliged to make you an offer if your vehicle is not running or has serious damage.

We will come to you anywhere in UAE

Our licensed towers go above and beyond for our customers and their vehicles. We cover the entire United Arab Emirates. Whether you live in the big city or in a small town, we are able to reach you where you are in the UAE. Don't bother yourself and go through all the trouble of prospecting buyers and going through lengthy bouts of negotiations and test drives. Just ring us and tell us the time and date that suits you and our team will be at your disposal at the exact time and place.

Get cash from selling your car instantly!

We are ready to buy any car no matter how damaged it is. After we determine the market value of your vehicle, we will pay you immediately. No late payments, no delays, and definitely no installments. We pay you hard cash (or through the medium you prefer) and it all just takes 20 minutes.

Take your time in thinking

We don’t believe in pressure buying or selling. We will not bind you by any time intervals or try to sway your hand to make a decision quickly. Take your time in thinking through the offer thoroughly and get back to us when you have arrived at a decision. Do also keep in mind that if you should delay making a decision for so long that market conditions change or the condition of your vehicle changes we will have to either change our valuation of your vehicle and/or carry out a new inspection.


Vehicle Ownership Transfer

We pride ourselves on handling the entire vehicle purchase process leaving you with very little to contribute. All you have to do is to submit your valid identification documents, and we will take care of  the rest. That includes changing the registration and ownership of your vehicle.