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Why Us

Does your car repair cost excess its value?

Selling a scrap car can be a long exhausting process but with us it is not the same. Only with ScrapXCar you can have a profitable, comfortable and fast selling experience. We buy scrap cars of each model or type. We know that you are busy and wasting time means wasting money. With us you receive your monetary value and more. As we work to be your first choice when you consider selling your scrap car in UAE, we put customers first to have a unique experience.

Since we are differentiated with quick response, integrated work team, honesty and integrity, you will love the selling process and professionalism that alter difficulties into a smooth and joyful experience that ends in a blink.  

Competitive advantage

Do not leave any scrap or an unwanted car stay at your garage to gain rust and lose value. There is no need to search!

How do you determine the price when you sell a car? The only way to find out is by offering a fair price that you get after spending some search time. This means that spending time on the internet searching for a similar cars that match your car to be sold model. We eliminate all this hard work from the process. Our team of experts will give you the best price for your scrap car and an auction will be a transparent way to get the best price possible.

 It is a safe way for selling a scrap car

This might be the first reason why you should come to us. Yes, as a seller I can sell my scrap car and get paid in a safe way. No need for worry, you will receive value that matches your monetary. You will know what we will provide actually after we have assessed your car for free in your place.  

Sell your scrap car at a standard time

We care about your precious time. We save the time thought our advanced techniques, well equipped working team that allow us to conduct all those operations accurately and easily. All you have to do is to call us and book a reservation to carry out car evaluation, selling procedure and at last receiving the exchange cash value in 20 minutes only.

Sell your scrap car at the time that fits you

The process is so simple now, you don’t need to devote a lot of time to sell or to worry about its complications. All you have to do is to visit our website and contact us to appoint a date that fits you so can our team visit to evaluate your scrap car.


Auction service

Our services also include conducting car auctions. It makes the whole process more efficient cost wise and unique, which help in providing a better price range than the market for our customers. Those services make ScrapXCar outstanding. Do not accept less than the best when you sell your scrap car.

No papers

Do you think that selling your car privately will gain you more money than an agency? This might be right if you are thinking of an ordinary cars purchaser. But what about paper work which consume a lot of your time? We will take care of all hardships! Just live that car to be sold in the hands of our friendly experts and leave the load of paper work with the key.

We are authorized to do that by the transportation authority to cancel registration on your behalf, so there is no need to worry about paper work. We request only a valid identification model and then you are ready.

No worries! Sell your scrap car for cash

When you deal with us there is no need to worry about payment. You would receive the previously agreed upon money immediately. You can choose your payment technique. If you would like to get the money, this is not a problem. Do you prefer transferals? We can do this too.

There are no hidden fees or costs

You do not burden any hidden fees or costs. We will take your unwanted car and give you money in exchange just by one phone call.

Free car pulling service from anywhere

Do not risk paying fines. Stop accumulating storage fees in a car repair workshop or a parking yard and save car pulling costly price.

Authorized processional agents

Only one call and you will get a free instant evaluation at your place in any state and a free car pull.

Together we will have a fast, comfortable and profitable selling experience

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