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The UAE has a reputation for its sports car filled streets and its appetite for luxury. With over 90% of the country’s population being foreigners, there is an endless palette of car tastes swarming the streets of this Middle Eastern tourist paradise. Whether you have decided to sell your car because your taste has changed, or simply because life circumstances have changed, this blog will outline all the known ways as well as the best way to sell car in UAE.



The first and most famous option is Classifieds websites/apps. Whether it is a car specific platform or a generic one, classifieds are everywhere. They provide sellers a platform to reliably showcase their goods, and they provide buyers with a platform to comfortably browse and search for all their needs online. A great example of a UAE based classifieds platform is Dubizzle.


With millions of visitors browsing the platform everyday, Dubizzle is the largest classifieds platform in the UAE. Platforms like Dubizzle attract a lot of trouble makers and the Dubizzle quality assurance team has not fallen short in making sure that users of their platform are protected against such individuals and that all the necessary measures to ease the fluidity, safety, and efficacy of buying and selling are in place.


With all that said, there are some disadvantages to using classifieds that sellers should be aware of. 


There are notorious car buying gangs that will target you when you use a classifieds platform to sell your car


The stories have sadly become all but too common in the UAE. The narrative usually goes like this: An unsuspecting car seller lists their vehicle for sale on a classifieds platform and waits a few days until they hear from an interested buyer. The buyer shows up to inspect the car a day later. Upon their arrival they immediately start to scrutinize the car. 


“AED 10,000 is too much for this car. No one will buy it at this price, are you not aware of market conditions these days?”


After a little back and forth they finally proclaim: “But your car’s a good one! I like it! I’ll offer you AED 5,000.”


You show the “car buyer” out immediately and start to regret the time you wasted with them. But luckily for you, you hear from another buyer on the same day, and you schedule a meeting a few days after.


Unfortunately the new potential buyer is reading off the same script as the previous buyer and they have the audacity to offer you a measly AED 4,000.


A few more “buyers” come to inspect your car a few days later, but once again, it’s the same old story: “Are you not aware of market conditions these days?”.


After you’ve cursed the day you thought of selling your car on your own and have reached a depressive phase of just wanting to get rid of the damn car already, here comes your knight in shining armor. A middle aged man with a big smile that never seems to wear off his face. So well mannered and mild tempered, you can’t not not like this guy. He’s got nothing but praises for the car. He mentions that although you’re asking price is a bit steep, he really likes your car and how well you’ve kept it and he offers you AED 7,000 for it. After a long dry spell you acquiesce to the deal not knowing that this man is the ring leader of all the previous “car buyers” and you have just fallen victim to a car buying gang.


Classifieds won’t guarantee your car will be sold

All a classifieds does is provide you with a platform to display your car, and if you decide to pay the platform a little money, your car will be spread to more potential buyers. Whether the car actually gets sold depends on so many factors, among them, the current demand for the vehicle, how well you photograph, showcase, and describe your vehicle, and well… pure luck. You may get buyers knocking on your door after a few days (which is relatively rare) or you’ll be waiting a few months before even hearing from someone. And even when you do hear from someone they might just be window shopping.


Selling your car through a classified can waste a lot of your time

Aside from scheduling meetings with potential buyers, showing them around, and doing test drives, you’ll have to engage in lengthy negotiation bouts that may last days. Asides from chatting with all prospects, you’ll be dealing with many time wasters who may not even have the intention to buy your car.


You need to have some basic sales / mechanic skills before you can reliably sell your car through classifieds

It’s called “learning to swim with the sharks without being eaten alive.” Negotiating for an asset as valuable as a car can be a gruesome cut throat activity, especially when your buyer is an experienced mechanic/ car enthusiast who buys and sells cars for a living. Sharks are dangerous and one need not swim near them without the proper preparation and training.


Car Dealers

There are many kind of car dealers in the UAE. There are licensed branded car distributors that only deal in one make, car dealers that deal with a few makes, and ones that deal with many makes. 


Selling your car to single brand car dealers

When you sell your car to a one brand car dealer, you are forced to conduct what is known as a trade-in, meaning you can’t simply sell your car and receive money for it, but you will have to upgrade and buy a new car from the same brand. It’s worth noting that a large majority of these dealers will only buy cars of their own brand.


Trade-ins aren’t that bad, especially if you are able to negotiate a good deal. But herein lies the problem, car salesmen can be quite tricky. If you manage to negotiate a great selling price for your car, you can expect that the purchasing price for the new car will be increased by the same mark up you managed to negotiate up for the selling price of your car. The opposite can also be true: if you manage to negotiate a good buying price for the new car you intent to buy, then you can expect that your old car will be valued lower than its actual selling price.


Dealing with car dealers can cause your head to ache. There are just too many tricks and gimmicks those crafty salesmen have up their sleeves. But that’s not to say all car salesmen are like that. There is still a surviving breed of super transparent salespeople that want nothing but your best interest and will not hesitate to point you to their competitor should it become clear they don’t have what you are looking form, and this is exactly the kind you should strive to deal with. But until you find this rare breed, it’s best not to haggle with car dealers without having a sound understanding of current market conditions.


Car Buying Specialists

Car buying specialists are businesses that specialize in buying cars and the catch is they do it fast. The UAE is filled with car buying specialist businesses and it’s easy to guess why. With the sheer number of car buying specialists in the industry it may become hard to choose one to rely on. Here are a few indicators to help you make the selection.


Choose a car buying specialist that gives you a good and honest valuation of your car


The journey into the world of car buying specialists usually starts with a car valuation tool usually found on their website. This tool is usually a free mechanism for them to grab your details and enter you into their CRM system where after their sales people will reach out to you and try to schedule a time for you to visit a branch of their business.


Be careful with the valuations you receive with these tools as it is not unheard of that these tools ridiculously inflate the potential price of your used car so that you are pushed to come in store for a mechanic to review your car and offer you only half of what the car price estimator tool calculated.


Although car buying specialist do more often than not offer you cash for your vehicle in around 30 minutes, they can be notorious for offering you below market prices for your car. It’s usually best to settle for small to medium sized car buying specialists as their prices are usually more appealing than their larger counterparts who won’t mind so much that a single lead has fled their grasp. Smaller car buying specialists are also more forgiving to deal with since they have lower overhead costs and therefore don’t need to buy your car at dirt cheap prices in order to cover their expenses.


Online Car Auctions

Online car auctions are a fast and convenient way to sell your car. Although the process can usually be a hit or miss, there are instances where this is the perfect channel to sell your car through, especially if your vehicle is a bit of a rarity or a collectors item.


When using a car auctioning platform, you will start by having your car inspected at an auctioneers mechanic and by ensuring that your digital profile is ready, all with the right photos of your vehicle and legal documents.


Once that is done you can start auctioning. Before the auction commences, you will need to set a minimum bidding price (or reserve price). This is the price the bidding starts at for your car, and herein lies the danger when opting to use online auctions. If you set too high a price you risk having no bidders; if you set a price too low, then your risk getting just that much for your vehicle should the interest for your car be low and only a few people place bids.


Car auctioning platforms are usually the best channel to opt for if you are a seasoned car owner, buyer, and seller. If you understand market conditions and how to properly valuate your vehicle, then car auctions are your best bet. 


Best Way to Sell Car in UAE: SellxCar


SellxCar is a leading car buying specialist in the UAE that it’s services all emirates of the UAE. SellxCar distinguishes itself by the exceedingly fast service it provides, completing a car inspection and buying process in as little as 20 minutes. But above all else, SellxCar is a small sized car buying specialist meaning that it is able to provide you with the one on one attention that you deserve. Our business is lead by a small team of specialist that are led directly by our founder. The quality of our service and our fair buying prices set us apart from other car buying specialists.


With SellxCar our specialist team of mechanics and car evaluators come to you, to conduct a car valuation at your comfort. There isn’t a car model or car condition that we do not purchase.


With SellxCar you don’t need to stress about getting the short end when selling your car.

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