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How to Renew Mulkiya Online Everything You Need to Know


How to Renew Mulkiya Online Everything You Need to Know

With the advancement in technology, everything is getting digitalized. The financial sector is also seeing many changes as people transition to online banking as the main channel for all their transaction.

With the ultra fast adoption of online payment methods comes the facilitation of all real life services online. The UAE in particular has been a leading force worldwide in this kind of digitalization. One of its feats of modern progression into the digital world is Mulkiya online renewal.

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your house to renew your car registration (also known as Mulkiya in the UAE). Through the use of online channels you can quickly get that done and we will teach you how in this blog.

Can I renew Mulkiya without paying the fines 2023?

You can renew your Mulkiya without paying car and traffic fines. Moreover the Dubai Police Department provides discounts to eliminate fines or black points for people opting for this service.

How can I check my Salik balance online 2023?

To check your Salik balance:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “Check my balance”
  3. Input your mobile number
  4. Impute your license type and number plate
  5. Click check balance


Alternatively you can use the Smart Salik app to check your Salik balance or even request refunds or adjustments. To do so:

Log in or register with your Emirates ID.

Click on “Services” and select “Salik Balance Inquiry” from the drop-down menu that appears next to it; this will take you to a fresh page where you can fill out all of your information (including your license plate number) and submit your request.

It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes until your balance is displayed to you.


Another option to check your Salik balance is by calling the Salik hotline on 800 72545 and following the instructions. Clicking on 2, 3, and then 1 in that order, is a shortcut to hear your current balance.


How to renew Mulkiya Online in Two Simple Steps

Renewing Mulkiya is not different from renewing any other type of vehicle registration or license. To renew your Mulkiya license, please follow the steps below:

1) Visit the RTA website or Download the Police App of your Emirates

If you visit the RTA website, please click on Renew Your Licenses and Permits and then click on renew your Mulkiya.

Apart from that you can download the Police App of your Emirates, or visit any nearby RTA office if you have no smartphone access.

2) Log in or register with Emirates ID.

To begin the renewal process, log in or register with Emirates ID. The system will ask for your Emirates ID number in the top-right corner of your scree. Enter your ID number into the box provided.

Once logged in, select ‘Renew License’ from the left menu bar and complete the required fields:

  • Information about your vehicle (make, model, VIN)
  • Your license plate number

You may also need to provide additional information that differs based on your vehicle type (e.g., taxi vs. van).

Once complete, click ‘Next’ at the bottom of each page until you reach a confirmation screen stating that your application has been submitted successfully.

This service is offered in Arabic and English languages

The service is offered in both Arabic and English. The online application is a great way to get things done, saving time and money and most importantly, you can do it from the comfort of your home or the office without hassle.

You can apply for many online services through this platform. However, there are rare cases where you will have to visit the RTA in person to verify some things.

Now you’ve renewed your Mulkiya Online

You’ve successfully renewed your Mulkiya Online, and now you’re ready to get back on the road.

The exact process can be used to renew other services like vehicle registration or driver’s licenses. You can even pay for traffic tickets online through this platform.


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