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Power of Attorney for Selling Car in Dubai, A Full Guide


Power of Attorney for Selling Car in Dubai, A Full Guide

Selling a car in Dubai can be tricky. Understandably, buyers are wary of purchasing a used car and want to ensure that they get the best deal possible. One way to ensure the quick and trouble free vehicle ownership transfer is through the use of a power of attorney document. This guide will walk you through how to use a power of attorney for selling a car in Dubai to ensure your sale is secure, legal, and seamless.

Here is everything you need to know about power of attorney for selling car in Dubai.

Why Use Power of Attorney When Selling A Car in Dubai?

Simply put, a power of attorney is a legal document that allows an individual to represent another person in the purchase or sale of an item or in legal matters. This document has multiple uses, but generally it is used in cases where someone who wants to purchase/ sell an item is overseas.


When it comes to selling a car in Dubai, it’s important to make sure that the transaction is legally recognized. Using power of attorney simplifies this process and ensures that all parties involved will receive their due rights according to the law. It also helps protect both buyer and seller from any potential disputes or complications down the line.

The sale of vehicle in Dubai in this manner takes place in the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA); having a POA document on hand makes the process less tedious and much faster. Without this document, selling or purchasing a car can take up quite a bit more time as additional paperwork may be needed before the process is completed.

How to Apply for A Power of Attorney?

The first step is obtaining a NOC letter from your bank confirming that there are no outstanding loans or dues on your vehicle—this will act as proof of ownership for the buyer at the RTA.

Once you have this document, you need to head over to an authorized PRO service center. There they will help you complete your POA application form. Be sure to provide the following documents and ID’s:

  • Emirates ID
  • Passport copy
  • Drivers License
  • Vehicle Registration (if selling a car)

Once all forms have been completed, signed off by both parties, and submitted along with any applicable fees, you should receive your POA document within two weeks (sometimes sooner). Make sure both copies are duly stamped by RTA before handing one copy over to the buyer—this officially completes your sale agreement. This is how you use a power of attorney for selling a car in Dubai to ensure your sale is secure and legal.

Where can I get power of attorney for my car?

Obtaining a power of attorney for an automobile is a straightforward but necessary process. The best place to begin is at your local Department of Motor Vehicles. There, you can obtain the appropriate form and request assistance with filling it out correctly if needed. Once you’ve submitted everything that’s required, you will have obtained a valid power of attorney for your car. With this document, you are then able to authorize another person to take care of various aspects related to your car on your behalf.

How can I sell my car without an owner in Dubai?

Selling a car without an owner present in Dubai can be tricky, but with the right assistance, it is possible. The Department of Motor Vehicles offers services that allow you to transfer or sell the vehicle on your behalf, as well as renew registration and insurance. The department will also sign any required transfer documents and receive the sale proceeds on your behalf. Additionally, they are able to pay impound fees and traffic violations on your behalf, as well as act on your behalf in dealing with governmental departments in order to handle all necessary paperwork. This makes it much easier for those not in Dubai to sell their cars whilst ensuring regulatory compliance is met.

If the above option is too expensive, then opting for a privately appointed representative (through the use of a power of attorney document) is the second best option.

How to sell your car in only 20 minutes 

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Power of attorney for selling car in Dubai: Final thoughts

Using a power of attorney when selling a car in Dubai is an important step towards ensuring that all legal requirements are met and any potential disputes are avoided down the line. The process of how to use power of attorney for selling a car in Dubai requires some paperwork. Still, it ultimately allows for quick and hassle-free execution of agreements between buyers and sellers alike. And once all forms have been completed, signed off by both parties, submitted with any applicable fees, and stamped by RTA, you’ll have successfully sold your car! With this comprehensive guide about power of attorney for selling cars in Dubai guiding you through each step, there’s no reason why this process shouldn’t be easy!

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