How do you maintain a longer possible  lifetime for your car ?

The car is one of the most important properties that we strive to maintain, take care of, and protect it from any malfunctions or damage. Here are some tips to help you do that:

How do you maintain your car?

In this topic, we will talk about three main aspects that must be paid attention to in order to enhance the preservation of the car from possible damages that it may be exposed to:

  1. Maintaining the exterior appearance of the vehicle:

Taking care of the exterior appearance of your car is important to extend its life. Maintaining your car starts with keeping it clean.

Cleaning inside and out will keep your car looking like you just bought it. Washing and waxing can also help preserve the car’s paint and prevent rust, plus vacuuming dust and dirt from floors and seats can reduce premature wear.

The most important thing you can do to avoid rustin your car floor is to buy waterproof carpets. The moisture that causes car rust often comes from these wet carpets.

  1. Car Engine and Interior Parts Care:

Inspect your car periodically, simple and routine checks are one of the most effective ways to maintain your car and extend its life fo the longer possible time. Inspect these parts yourself regularly, as early detection often prevents major damage and saves you money. It also prevents the car from deteriorating or stopping while driving, which in the worst case often leads to accidents.

You can perform a periodic inspection of the car by taking it to the maintenance company or a technician you trust every six months, for example, for a full inspection.

And don’t forget to keep the regular maintenance schedules and follow the regular maintenance schedule, which is mentioned in your vehicle’s user manual. It will tell you the dates of the various periodic maintenance.

Every two weeks, check: fuel level, car oil, tires and windshield wipers, air conditioning, car electricity, air filter, spark plugs, brakes, and all details inside and outside the car.

And in case of parking your car in a garage for longer periods of time, do not forget to operate it from time to time in order to maintain the safety of the battery.

What are the most important routine checks needed for the car?

Fuel level, car oil, tires and windshield wipers, air conditioning, car electricity, air filter, spark plugs, brakes of the car and every possible parts in and out.

  1. Driving:

But what about driving a car?

Safe driving should always be your moto.

Always remember to be careful about safety, drive the car quietly and be careful not to fall into pits and always slow down on bumps. Drive more slowly along unpaved roads or offroads or rough grounds, as these things may lead to damage to the car.

Try to avoid driving in fog and in windy or rainy weather, and try allways to stay away from off-road driving in order to preserve your car.

Try to adhere to the correct driving methods, do not press the gas pedal completely and suddenly, or move suddenly and fastly from a stoping state directly into the road, or press the brakes very strongly and suddenly, except when necessary, do not make it a habit, allways keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you and gradually apply the brakes, Otherwise you may loose your car engine or brakes.

Also, you should pay attention to the uncommon sounds that the car makes. If you hear any suspicious sound, such as crackling in the engine, wheels, or any other sound, you should go to the technician quickly, as this may mean that there is a problem with the engine or other parts of the car.

  • Check for warning signs immediately:

When the warning lights illuminate on the car dashboard, do not ignore them, but immediately find the root cause and try to solve it, in order to avoid unnessary expensive repair bills .

Never ignore the warning signals related to the engine, braks or steering, as these are not only about billing matters but also to your safety while driving.

  • Check your tires:

Tires may be the most important part of the car. They are responsible of carrying you and the whole car, they connect you to the ground and fix you to the road and keep you safe even in the worst driving conditions.

Always remember that you should check the tires air pressure once a week, also remember that it is preferable to install wheels with the deepest and least worn tread on the rear axle of the car, in order to reduce the risk of slipping during driving and steering in wet roads.

In order to save your tires and take care of them, you may need to avoid bumpy rough or unpaved  roads, unpaved streets, stones and gravel all damage your tires, so avoid them as much as possible in order to take care of the car and maintain it for the longest possible lifetime.

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